Where Is The Serial Number On A Universal M1 Carbineweaver base 1 day ago · This is a Springfield Armory M1, serial number 3557xxx, manufactured in March 1945. The features, parts and markings of these carbines are consistent with regular production carbines in the serial. I'm considering purchasing an M1 Carbine and would like to get a little more info on it before I make the purchase. What is the manufacture date for a Universal M1 Carbine serial no 79692? Wiki User. Most parts are not interchangeable with Military versions. The serial number is XC 43 which is unusual based on what I have read. Any info I can get would be much appreciated. I believe a replacement part would be the 981700 Operating Slide. The 2nd block begun at 4075000 and ended at 4075009 Feb 44 (10 carbines ). There were over 450,000 of them made from 1961 through 1986 and the design varied a lot over that period of time. The Universal Carbine retained the overall outward appearance and. This band did not always secure the barrel to the stock. The hardwood stock is in excellent condition showing little to no wear. government issue, but are able to accept parts interchangeably from USGI. 00 SOLD Manufacturer: Universal Model: M1Carbine Serial Number: 139269 Caliber Info: 30 Carbine Bore: good Condition: Used Metal Condition: good Wood Condition: good Bore Condition: good. I'm new with carbines I bought this universal m1 carbine with the as 815*** I don't see where Universal serial numbers go that high. We were firing our M1 carbine the other day and the cut out of the slide just about broke off. On all of mine the serial number is under the manufacturer's name. The Universal Arms thirty caliber M1 Carbine, with a Monte Carlo stock is valued at $430 in good condition. The features, parts and markings of these carbines are consistent with regular production carbines in the serial number range of 6,500-10,000. Discussion Starter · #7 · Sep 26, 2016. Info, specs, and value American antique pocket watches, with serial number lookups for manufacturers such as Elgin, Illinois, Waltham, and Hamilton. Hi point carbine takedown pins. Whay serial number did they start using the 2 recoil springs in? don in Fl. Type 1 The type 1 was the model fitted on the vast majority of WW2 carbines. They are the carbines that saw heavy use and loss. M1 Carbines-International Business Machine Corp. Today we got our hands on an early Universal Carbine to try out! While I can certainly understand why some troops hated this gun especially in the Korean War. I also have a Universal M1 Carbine dates 1979 from the serial number and though they apparently had some problems with early production it at some point was corrected. This M1 Carbine was made in Hialeah, Florida sometime between 1961 and 1984. The Ruger PC Carbine is a great takedown carbine design that while innovative, is somewhat proprietary. It has a 4 digit serial number, 9842 with no other markings. UNIVERSAL 30 CARBINE New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2022. A friend died and I have his 30 cal m1 carbine. This early M1 Carbine example was provided by Royal Tiger Imports for review. the serial number of this firearm is 93569 and it is in excellent condition. Up until at least serial number 196,6xx they had used a GI type firing pin that was free floating and held back from the primer of a live round by the cut on the back of the receiver bridge and the design of the rear of the bolt relative to the hammer. 30 Carbine—a cartridge designed specifically for it—did not have the power of the. It was to be produced in larger quantities than any other US small arms in. To find a 1942 dated carbine is a real find. The serial number is 189xxx, which according to m1carbinesinc. Thanks! Universal was a post war commercial M1 Carbine. On other models, the sight could obscure the serial number entirely, requiring. Mine has a Universal barrel and receiver, everything else is GI. Therfore your M-1 carbine was made by National Postal Meter between 12-1943. Universal Firearms Commercial M1 Carbine. The new guns have the two-line “u. This is a Inland M1 Carbine that is 100% original and is a 4 digit serial number at 9,928. Can anyone tell us when it was made, approximately what it is worth, and any other pertinent information about it ?. However I read a post a couple of years ago that M1A1 carbine manufacture also included 1943 made carbines number ranging in numbers from 2,712520 to 2,995100. The manual below is for third generation (non-USGI, with no screw for the slide) and beyond. to manufacture M1 Carbines: M1 : 3,542* Date of 1st Contract: March 21, 1942: M1A1 : 0: Manufacturers Mark: IP : M2 : 0: Parts made in-house: 7 (included receiver) Total : 3,542* Notes: *The quantity of Irwin-Pedersen receivers assembled into M1 Carbines by Saginaw Grand Rapids is unknown. The only USGI part is the magazine release. From what I understand, this is a first generation Universal, which were all GI issue. Feb 26, 2014 Recently I purchased an Universal carbine M1. It has a L aperture sight, push button safety and no bayo lug. The M1 carbine was produced in several variants and was widely used by paramilitary and police forces around the world. The Plainfield is a commercial carbine i. A full guide about the WW2 M1 Carbine of the US Army : history, production and case markings, serial numbers, part names, pictures. Namely, the mag catch will only work with certain kinda of mags. This consisted of a narrow band retained by the band spring. Records to be searched might include reports, journals, diaries and daily. Thanks! SPRINGFIELD MODEL 67E 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN Springfield Model 67E 12 gauge pump shotgun. , such as the Ruger 10/22 M1 and 9mm Luger, such as the Chiappa M1-9, respectively. Some of you might remember that I did a little four-part series on the M1 Carbine back in late 2019. M1 Carbines-Inland Manufacturing Division of GM. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 4, 2011. Universal M1's were made of either surplus government issue parts, or reproduction parts (sometimes of lesser quality). If your wanting an M1 Carbine but don't wish to pay collector prices, this Universal M1 Carbine would be an excellent choice. M1 Carbine Receiver NO Manufacture or Serial Number M1 Carbine Receiver NO Manufacture or Serial Number. The add states the barrel is a 1943 but the serial number is . Early Universal M1 Carbines were built largely from surplus parts, and this rifle is no exception. I have published a book on M1 Carbine production dates; here are the serial numbers for M1-Carbines produced by Rock-Ola: 1,662,520 - 1,762,519: November 1942 through November 1943 4,532,100 - 4,632,099: November 1943 through March 1944 6,071,189 - 6,099,668: March through April 1944 6,199,689 - 6,219,688: April 1944 If you are looking for an M1-Carbine serial number that was produced by. Is there a way to check the serial number for M1 carbines based on the reciever. The design change was significant enough that the carbine it produced was no longer an 'M1 Carbine'. Carbine has a Rock-Ola front sight. German Luger with matching numbers non commercial, and i would. The only unusual aspect of the gun is that it has a serial number in the normal location (behind the rear sight), but the same serial number is also. Where are the serial numbers located on a m. I am a new member and not sure just how this works. If you have a Universal M1 Carbine, especially one with a SN in the transition ranges listed below, or examples that don't fit the range, please send the. M1 Carbines Wartime Production 7th Edition). The M1 carbine (formally the United States Carbine, Caliber. Depending on condition, in 2008 it's worth about $350-$500. Guns International #: 101807640. This pistol is in fair condition and comes with a magazine. It is nearly impossible to nail it down to an exact date, however, using the serial number stamped by the rear sight on the receiver, you can get an . What is the manufacture date for an M1 Carbine serial no 1059460? October 59th 1946, the 0 means a sunday. Need to find some decent mags for it and I’ve heard the newer after markets and some kinds of mags don’t work well with these. What year of production for universal m1 carbine number 125193? Universals are a civilian version of the M1 carbine, made after WW 2. No specific date can be given but we believe this is a later dated M1 Carbine as it was made using almost entirely Universal parts that do not interchange with USGI parts. 30 Carbine, S/N 89691 which appears in mint condition. Standard Products completed production in April 1944, with a total M1 carbine production of 247,160. Model Number Cartridge or Gauge Barrel Length SightsScope Barrels ButtPad StockDimensions "++Universal M1. 30 carbine with an 18 inch smooth bore barrel, bright & shiny bore, u. If you have a Universal M1 Carbine, especially one with a SN in the transition ranges listed below, or examples that don't fit the range, please send the following info to blood. This Carbine is in Museum Condition. It also uses a proprietary gas system that is non-serviceable. Markings: The top of the receiver is marked “U. Based on what we read and research, the first 8,000-or-so were heavily populated with USGI parts, even barrels. My research indicates that your serial number was assigned to the Inland division of general motors for the time span of Jan. Stock shows wear from handling and use. Comparing M1 Carbines — The new Inland vs. It has serial Number AA 32xxx and only one recoil. Underwood M1 Carbine Universal Winding. 30 carbine universal m1 m-1 cal semi automatic rifle metal hand guard 18 inch " barrel tuscola. Hi, Even though the front cover of the manual says used by the armed forces and sportsman, the Universal carbine is not one of the military carbines. A few manufacturers used some serial number blocks out of order. Manufacturer: Universal Model: M1 Carbine Serial Number: 181952 Barrel Length: 18. I am hoping that someone will have a solution. A New Set of Model Numbers Universal had two basic sets of model numbers, none of which were indicated on the actual carbines. I also have an Universal M1 Carbine, I'm not sure of the age but I have been in contact with the 'Carbine Club' in the US, and was told that the rifle with the next serial number to mine was in New Zealand and was sold on behalf of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. They started building them using their receiver and USGI surplus parts and as time went on they used less and less GI parts until they become a looks like an M1. Features an 18" barrel with an excellent bore and a heat shield. I have 2 and just had them safety checked by a gunsmith even though they both have less than 300 rounds each. They sort of look like an M1 Carbine but use a different operating mechanism. This rifle is in good overall condition but there is some are marks, dings, and scratches on the stock and there are some spots of light. I would check the Civilian Marksmanship Program website and Forum. " (Photo credit: Fernwood Armory) At just over 5 pounds and only 35. Mine are the first of the 2nd gen, serial # starting at 100,000. 30 Carbine Action Type: Semi-Auto Carbine Markings: The top of the receiver is stamped, “U. This seems to be a very low SN. Rate of Fire: M2 on full auto, 650-700rpm. M1/M2 Carbine serial Number thread. Untitled — Universal Carbine Serial Numbers. Surplus parts on this rifle include trigger housing, trigger, rear sight, magazine release. Universal M1 Carbine Production History. For a higher-resolution version, click the picture. The lowest s/n observed to date is X056, the highest so far has been X623. My buddy just picked up an m1 carbine produced by IBM. I just purchased a Universal M1. Army Ordnance in the 1940's and early 1950's. M1 Carbine Replicas: 2,000-99,999 . He goes on to say that 3,542 completed carbines were at the factory when taken over by Saginaw, Grand Rapids on Jan. The higher the serial number, the more Universal parts were used. Operation: Semi-automatic by gas borrowing. Here are some things you may or may not have known about the gun that started out as the U. What is the manufacture date for a Universal M1 Carbine serial no 79692?. · How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines How To's. Gainesville - Cabela's This Universal M1 Carbine is in very good condition throughout. The M1 Carbine as a round is ballistically effective. Due to limited quantities we may come across, M1 Carbines, M1Carbine barreled Receivers, Bavaria-Marked M1 Carbines and M1A1 Paratrooper Carbines will be offered on the CMP Auction Site. The B^2 mod however does require cutting a hole through a handguard, which is no big deal HTH For more info on Universal's scope accomodations see http://www. Universal M1 Carbine w/ Mag –. I have a M1 Carbine that does not have a serial number or manufactures stamp. Universal's records are long gone, but some information has been collected from serial numbers and configurations of known guns. -Serial number blocks assigned by the government:---- Serial number 1 - 5, October, 1941 - April, 1942 (Tool room prototypes) ***** There is a difference between an all matching carbine and how it left the factory, a lot of M1 Carbine contractors shipped parts to other Contractors. This, of course, is an M1 Carbine. M1 Carbine Serial Number Lookup. The Universal carbines of this era (specifically with Patent 3,382,766 applied) are the ones that really went away from the USGI design and have had a bad reputation, but recently there has been a resurgence in value of the Universal carbines. Just got a very nice deal on a great looking Universal M1 Carbine. Any thoughts on that particular serial number, when made, etc. Generally, serial numbers below 20,000 are the most desirable guns and some knowledgeable people consider serial number 25,000 as the end of generation-1 guns. For Collectors Only, North Cape Publications's shared video file. The only M1 Carbines I've heard of having problems are the higher serial numbered 100,000 and above Universal M1 Carbines. Universal Firearms of Hialeah, - Available at 2010 June Signature Arms &. Again the Universal shoots like a champ never any problems out of it. The transition in production between first generation and second generation is somewhere. See all listings by CAALEX Print this listing. The receiver was subcontracted by the Universal Winding Company. 2 mm 4 stripes on the right side. I've never seen or heard of a Carbine serial number with Letters . This new rear sight was also adjustable for windage. Like a photo, and perhaps the NAME stamped on the recoil tang! That would go a long way to helping others do YOUR homework for you. Post Aug 30, 2016 #1 2016-08-30T14:08. The serial number listings by month presented below were developed by Scott Duff, a recognized authority on and author of a series of books on the M1 Garand. Total carbines produced:346,500 serial number range 3,651,520-4,099,999 saginaw steering gear saginaw (mi) plant total carbines produced: 517,212 note: combined production of saginaw and grand rapids plants serial number range 3,250,020-3,651,519 5,834,619-6,071,188. Any suggestons? My military service was USAF 1952-1973 and I have long wanted an M1 for shooting and boar hunting. The latter ones do pretty good, that is the 1944-45 production models. -issue M1 carbines have been seen with two serial numbers instead of the traditional one stamped at the rear of the receiver . Rifleman Q&A: Two Serial Numbers On An M1 Carbine?. Green Tactical Stock Riser Cheek Rest + USA FLAG Patch + Pouch. Early Universal M1 carbines were assembled from surplus USGI collectors except for the receiver which they did; thus, possibly, the serial number over a U. This 1879-dated bayonet measures 25 3/8 overall, with a 20 1/2 straight, T-shaped blade. 30 manufactured by Carbine Inc in New Jersey. What makes a carbine an M1 Carbine is the use of the design and parts of the original U. 768” and the top rear is marked with the serial number. I have a lot to learn about the various configurations of the classic M1 Carbine. Pickit Serial Analyzer Software Free Download Gift Certificate Template For Mac Mac Os 9 Download Free Pop Up Cards Template Free Downloadnewthings Universal M1 Carbine Serial Number Blog Adobe Professional Download Mac Toolpak Excel Mac Download Safari 5. I am not sure your rear sight is repairable. Receiver (Type I with detachable spring guide housing) no markings, but it is a possible Quality Hardware. Any records showing receipt of M1 Carbines by the 1st Infantry Division either by serial number, or in lots (reflecting first and last serial numbers of the lot). The serial numbers on these carbines begin with the letter X followed by a three digit number. 30 Carbine Manufacturer: Universal Model: M1 Carbine Serial Number. A SPRINGFIELD M1 GARAND rifle is currently worth an average price of ,687. M1 Carbine Foreign Military Assistance (FMA/MAP) Data. No serial number data is available for the civilian carbines. Auction will be held on Wed Dec 15 @ 09:00AM in Denver, PA 17517. 30, M1) is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine that was a standard firearm for the U. Thanks to John Blood for providing the serial number info. M1 Carbine Rock-Ola history of serial numbers? I have published a book on M1 Carbine production dates; here are the. Answer (1 of 5): How about include some real information about "your" M1 Carbine. It has an 18" barrel that is in pristine condition and looks to be unfired. Second Generation Universal Manual (3 MB PDF file) - Early non-GI changes, like the 2 recoil springs and the new slide, but with a screw for the slide key. More than 426,000 carbines were manufactured by Universal Firearms over a 25. want to purchase 1899 krag carbine serial number is 362425 what is . Manufacturer: Universal Firearms, Caliber: 30 Carbine, Action: Semi-automatic, Firearm Type: Rifle Serial #377xxxx, mfg. military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The action is smooth and locks into battery without any slop. description: this auction is for a universal m1 carbine chambered in. The rear sight is an adjustable peep sight similar to the type found on military M1 carbines. Search: Universal M1 Serial Range. Hey everybody, Chris Baker here from LuckyGunner. I am trying to find out at which IBM plan. It has the green teflon coated barrel, receiver, sights and butt plate, and a wood stock with a shiny finish to the wood. For sale is a Universal M1 Carbine semi automatic rifle in. All 10 manufacturers swapped parts as needed in order to get the guns built. In good condition, these seem to sell for about $250, more or less. The M1 carbine has a maximum effective range of 300 yards (270 m). The M1 Carbine essentially saying, "check out my nice butt stock. what year was my Winchester M1 carbine serial number 1210906 manufactured. The first M1 Carbines were delivered in mid-1942, with initial priority given to troops in the European theatre of war. M1 Carbines-National Postal Meter. Universal was in business from the late 1950's to 1985 when they were purchased by Iver Johnson. Universal Arms 30 Cal Carbine Serial Numbers; Universal M1 Carbine Serial Numbers; The highest Universal serial number observed so far has been 488,363. The new serial number was hand stamped on top of the receiver behind the rear sight, in the vicinity of the prior serial number. M1 Carbine Serial Numbers?. Well my unlce and grandfather both have M1 Carbines and I want to find some info about them, how old they are, if they were used in service, . The two guided springs identifies a Universal Carbine, from Hialeigha, Fl. com places it in the 3rd generation run from the early to mid 70s. It's a good carbine, not the best, but a solid carbine. I don't see how that can be fixed. the serial number is 831123 the barrel is marked "inland div general motors 8-43" I'm guessing 8-43 means august 1943. A carbine encountered today with two serial numbers has unquestionably been through an ­arsenal overhaul. Hi, I keep looking for answers on this serial number for an Inland M1 Carbine. Can anyone give me an idea of the value or vintage of a Universal M1 Carbine, Serial number 34xx. Plainfield manufactured M-1 Carbines in the 60's and 70's for law enforcement agencies. com, back with another one of those block-rockin’ beats. A 30 rd mag catch was used to allow high–capacity magazines. I will post my serial number tonight when I get home. The 1st block begun at 1000000 and ended at 1349999 sept 1942 to feb 1944. 1943 or 1944 Quality Hardware & Machine Co. M1 Carbine Repack Kit Bandolier and Stripper Clips NEW Style. the barrel band is marked my new-to-me M1 carbine Help. See the book The M1 Carbine Owner's Guide by Ruth and Duff ( Scott Duff Publications & Historic Martial Arms: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M1903, Krag, M1911A1) for serial number/date of manufacture correlations. ” The serial number “AA64983” is stamped on the left side of the receiver. 30 caliber Carbine within this serial number block it is strongly recommended you examine and continue to examine the barrel in the area of the gas piston for any damage. Universal M1 Carbine Lookup Serial Numbers In Order. Inland Carbine Serial Numbers Dates Of Mfg. serial m1 Universal carbine number lookup. Generally, serial numbers below 20,000 are the most desirable guns and some knowledgeable people consider serial number 25,000 as the end of . The Type 1 Wood Stock and Forend is also in excellent condition. I have found that early M1 Carbines without the bayonet lug and the old-style push safety and flip-up rear sight are much harder. Some are even chambered in 22 L. The Bavaria police agency name has been nicely removed from . The serial number for the rifle is xxxxxx. Carbine Design, Serial Numbers, Years. M1 Carbines-Quality Hardware & Machine Co. A copy of this detailed description page will be included with the rifle. Universal M1 Carbine S And Dates Serial Number Or Post NaughtyMonkey 945 6 Site Admin NaughtyMonkey 945 6 Feb 24, 2011 1 2011-02-24T01:55 PM me your serial number or post it here and lets make a registry and lets try to figure out the exact months of our Inland carbines Why the X after serial number These Inland rifles were part of a Saginaw. I don't know of any serious Universal collectors that would offer a premium for the X-guns. Universal name & location with patent number on receiver ring, serial number behind rear sight. Michael Tomko Jun 12, 2018 2:14 PM ( in response to Rick Scruggs ) The CMP does have a list of M1 Garand Serial Numbers. Re: I'm trying to search records for M1 carbine, Inland SN 5077355. Just because its all matching doesn't necessary mean that. This indicates I have a first gen Universal Carbine. 0 Download For Mac Download Xd For Mac. If you are like me, owning an M1 Carbine goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. This M1 Carbine is in good condition and does not come with a magazine. Some of these blocks were split up and used before or after other blocks. ?æ Fair condition value is $350. A true M1 Carbine is chambered in 30 Carbine and uses a gas-operated, short-stroke piston mechanism with a rotating bolt. Answer (1 of 5): How about include some real information about “your” M1 Carbine. They may have M1 Carbine serials as well. The manufacturer's name and the serial number should be under that rear over hang of the rear sight. 30 M1” on the front, “NAT’L ORD/ INC” on the rear, and with the serial number just ahead of the rear sight. They are considered of lesser quality than the GI carbine, and do not command the same price. (International Business Machines) Rear sight (Type 1 Flip-style non-adjustable) stamped on left side S and GE-Q right side = made by The Gerrad Company for Quality Hardware. there were changes made to simplify construction and at a point they changed the design completly. How to Identify an Original M1 Carbine, Part 1, Receivers, Types. Description: This is a used Universal M1 Carbine, 30 Carbine semi auto rifle. Not able to find that anywhere. ”; the top rear is marked “SAGINAW S G / 3426991”. Type 2 The type 2 band was fitted to some late war M1 carbines, around mid 1944. I believe it is one of the first generation carbines made by Universal and would like to try to confirm that it is. Are all M1 carbine parts interchangeable?. Universal Firearms M1 Carbine (. The M1 carbine was produced in several variants and was widely used by paramilitary and police forces around the world, and also became a popular civilian firearm after World War II. These were made between 1958 and 1987. Vulcan serial numbers recorded so far have been 1014 - 2453. need help with dating my universal carbine. Where is the serial number on a M1 Carbine? The only unusual aspect of the gun Universal Firearms of Hialeah, Florida ceased to exist. 1967: SA National Match program transfers to Rock Island Arsenal. 62 MM National Stock Numbers (NSN) Magazines. I am trying to track down information on my M1 Carbine made by Inland Division. The carbine is shorter and lighter then the M1 Garand rifle, the standard main battle rifle of the US Army in WWII. The slide on some of these is a welded, multi-piece affair, and there have been problems with it's durability. The gun is in decant condition with wear on the stock and trigger guard, but it fires and cycles properly. From what I can tell a 4 digit serial number is pretty rare. Light recoil, but very effective! This one was a bit dirty, it still went POP! when we pressed the trigger!Here's how you can help: http. 30 Carbine Serial Number: AA64983 Year of Manufacture: Modern Caliber:. These numbers were used for M-1 Carbines assembled from May-1943,thru Feb-1944 Buy Universal first generation M1 Carbine Serial Number 74991: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 888344397 M1 carbines made by Universal, normally have the ventilated hand guard and modified bolt. The early oval cut stocks also command high prices. 30 M1 Carbine was developed as a reduced size semi automatic weapon to have a high firepower in close range. It is believed to have happened between the 93xxx - 104xxx serial numbers. Make: Universal Carbine Model: M1. The early Universal carbines had 100% parts commonality with GI M1 Carbines. All other carbines, approximately 50,000 in number, were produced by Saginaw with IP receivers. M1 Carbine Replicas: 2,000-99,999, 1962-1967, approx. The only ones built after the war were civilian copies. The company redesigned the major parts on them and that lead to breakage. Universal M1Carbines the lower the serial number the better. It has a 30 rond mag with 18" blued barrel. Jump to Latest Follow If the serial number is under 70,000 it's a good rifle made with GI parts, 70,000 to 140,000 are. All others i've found online have been 5+ numbers. They were essentially a Universal manufactured receiver with surplus GI parts used for the balance of the carbine. The Universals are generally divided into three generations. The first Universal Carbines were more or less exact copies of the USGI Carbine. The later Universal carbines above the serial number range of 100,000 as know as problems waiting to happen. I have a Universal M1 30 caliber carbine, over 50 years old. Between May 1942 and September 1943. Is this common? All other parts are labeled as follows:. These original guns were marked “ao” below the serial number. During World War II the U S army assigned serial number blocks to the many makers of the M-1 carbine. (Rockola, Inland, Underwood, NPM, IBM) nor have I found any reference to an Underwood marked with the serial number over a U. The Carbine has GI front sights, Stock & Trigger Housing. ? I read on one site that the "X" designation at the front of the serial number (as opposed to the end which indicates a duplicate. Any issue, transfer or receipt documents for M1 Carbines in serial number range from 100 to 3,000 inclusive. So it is a 'universal carbine' as opposed to an M1 (mil parts). Indeed, all parts going into Inland Manufacturing's new iteration are compatible with U. At 100 yards (91 m), the M1 carbine can deliver groups between 3 and 5 inches, sufficient for its intended purpose as a close-range defensive weapon. The Parkerized Metal is in excellent condition. html As to the significance of your serial number, if the "L" is not simply a "1", you might email the author, Jim Mock, of this website. Carbine to John Blood for providing the serial number info. Top 100 Militaria Auctions; Top WW2 Militaria; Top WW1 Militaria; Civil War Militaria; M1 carbine serial number ranges (1941-45) : From: To: Manufacturer: Date: 1: 5: Inland Division, General Motors: November. ? I read on one site that the "X" designation at the front of the serial number. Edknn said: What generation, 1. One of the first M1 Carbines made. There was no requirement as to using the serial numbers in order. The serial number range was 4,875,526-5,589,820. Government Issue) examples made. Universal M1 Carbine Description: This is a used Universal M1 Carbine, 30 Carbine semi auto rifle It has a 30 rond mag with 18' blued barrel SN-139269 $575. Unfortunately, no serial number records exist to pinpoint specific manufacture dates. The M1 carbine is modeled after the last production model that Inland manufactured in 1945 and features a type 3 bayonet lug / barrel band, adjustable rear sights, push button safety, round bolt, “low wood” walnut stock, and a 15–round magazine. These serial numbers were given a date of december 1943,to May 1944. Universal changes their Bolt Sometime in the early to mid 1970's Universal redesigned their firing pin and bolt. Early Universal M1 Carbines used several USGI parts. 1 of 9 2 of 9 3 of 9 4 of 9 5 of 9 6 of 9 7 of 9 8 of 9 9 of 9 Guns International #: 101807640. Universal Commemorative Model M1 Carbine of 1981 Stock Commemorative Medallion Commemorative Belt Buckle The Enforcer The first Enforcer model used a GI type adjustable rear sight, blade front sight attached to the barrel, and a GI type barrel band. To a degree the end result should no longer be viewed as a replica of the U. USGI parts, like the Nat Ord/Fed Ord guns. 30cal g-30035999-1 ass 18 inch " barrel ferndale, mi 48220: used: 4/22/2022: $710. The serial numbers observed on the Commemorative Model carbines have been 00079, 00204, 00391, etc. Ingersoll M1, Marmac liner, 1974. | Production | Production Dates by Serial Number. to the third generation M1 Carbine produced by Universal Firearms: The new Inland M1 Carbine (discussed on Wednesday's blog article) is a true copy of the original M1 Carbines manufactured during World War II. · Is there any way of finding out the date of manufacture for an M1 Carbine? It is an Inland Division M1 with a serial number of 5,045,XXX. Haven't seen any lately, but the Universal M1 Carbines that I've seen/handled OP- What is the approx serial number you are looking at?. 30 semi auto rifle bay city, mi 48706: used: 4/19/2022: $630. A typical Universal M1 carbine in decent shape sells reliably at $350. marked muzzle cover, stock 2 mag mag pouch (with magazines) and a bayonet. Properly restored or in original condition guns will bring in a real premium for the collector. 130,000 and 299,999 If you own a Universal Firearms. It has serial Number AA 32xxx and only one. A correct, as built, M1 Carbine could be made by Inland with parts from other suppliers. There are three types of barrel band for the M1 carbine. Auto ordinance and Inland both make new Carbines that replicate the originals. I posted this same to the New Member thread but this subforum might be a better place for my question. A separate set of serial numbers was used for the Vulcan model carbines produced 1963-1965. Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids. The serial number of the rifle is 161475. As always, you can find the details in the video below, or scroll down to read the full transcript. Your serial number range 4,080,000-4,432,099 was assigned to the company National Postal Meter. carbine cal 30 m1” on top of the receiver’s front and a lightly engraved “auto. 33% More info on M1A1 here (Only Inland made these)-Serial number blocks assigned by the government:- Serial number 1 - 5, October, 1941 - April, 1942 (Tool room prototypes)- Serial number 5 - 100, April, 1942 - May, 1942-1st block, Serial number, 11 - 999,999 May, 1942 - December, 1943. Serial number range (xxx the last 3 digits if you want) Single spring or dual spring Slide lock lever or none Any USGI parts present Universal M1 Carbine Generations. The rifle’s components are mostly Universal parts that are not marked. From your question I can only assume you have a Universal Carbine manufactured som. You cannot get parts for them as the company has been out of business since the 80's and USGI does not interchange as you have found out. M1 Carbine Master List Statistics. The M1 Carbine was designed by one of the most colorful firearms inventors of by a number of commercial makers, including Universal Firearms Corporation. If a receiver has its original barrel and the The top of the barrel is marked “UNDERWOOD / 6 – 43” and “P”. What is the value of a30 caliber m1 carbine serial aa66384?. A few of the manufacturers used subcontractors to manufacture their receivers. It appears to be in nearly new condition. I have searched the web but found little more than a short history of Universal Firearms company. For sale is a Universal M1 Carbine semi-automatic rifle in. Carbines manufactured and sold 1968 and later used a different set of model numbers. The ammunition used by the military with the carbine include: [155] M1 Carbine Serial Number Location. Many parts on an M1 Carbine were made by many other companies. USGI Carbines have a barrel date out by the end of the barrel; that often correlates with the date of assembly of the Carbine. There were a total of 5 blocks of receivers granted to Winchester for the manufacturing of the M1 Carbine during WWII. I know for years the general accepted serial number range for a 1943 dated M1A1 has been within the serial block up to 999999. Universals solution to these problems was to significantly redesign their carbines. m1 carbine m4 bayonet us gi new in box. Folks I have a first generation Universal that, according to it's serial number and several websites, indicate it was made with USGI parts . Gen 2s are OK under a certain serial number, early were USGI with some commerical parts, late were mostly commercial parts, some of inferior grade. The older type was built on cast receivers with many (all?) Everyone in the commercial realm has done complete hardening of the receivers, which has been problematic in the past. The magazine release is marked “M HI” which is an Inland Division USGI part (page 100 of Craig Riesch’s book, U. The serial number of the gun is: 80897. It is believed to have happened between the 93xxx – 104xxx serial numbers. The 1st gen are all USGI parts. The first major change (in about 1963. 00 : other model *like new* universal m1 carbine. The Universal brand M-1 Carbine was made after WW II for the civilian market, and may or may not have the same pasrts as a GI carbine- the design changed over time. Most of the receivers used by Universal prior to s/n 100,000 have a one or two digit number stamped below the stock line on the left side of the . Hello! I am a brand new member and have a question about an IBM-made M1 Carbine rifle a friend of mine owns. The right rear of the trigger group is marked “BE-B” which was used by IBM and Standard Products (page 78 of Craig Riesch’s book, U. They are since out of business. Indy aims the M1 Carbine in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Second Generation The Universal Firearms M1 Carbine was getting more creative during the second generation with new designs, different second recoil springs, and more. Serial numbers on Military Carbines was on the top of the rear of the receiver. During 1980 Universal produced a. All serial numbers were assigned to blocks of serial numbers by the War department,and then issued to. All US Military M1 Carbines were built during WW 2. Early Universal M1 carbines were assembled from surplus USGI parts except for the receiver which they produced; thus, possibly, the serial number over a U. This Underwood Elliot Fisher M1 carbine in the NRA National Firearm Museum collection has the later ramped rear sight that partially obscures the serial number. Bayonet identification by serial number. The addition of the serial number on the top of the receiver forward of the rear sight indicates the serial number behind the rear sight was obscured by an adjustable rear sight. Universal M1 Carbine Plus Parts Dwindled; Several parts, such as the slide, were difficult to machine correctly. Anyone have any advice on what. Model Number Cartridge or Gauge Barrel Length SightsScope Barrels ButtPad. 11, 1944 (observed serial numbers for these carbines are below 1,750,000). com: Serial Number Database Search. gen 3s are generally considered inferior to all other M1 carbines both commercial and military. Another M1 Carbine ID help?. Carbine Design, Serial Numbers, Years, Quantity Produced. To answer Dan’s question, RP is Rock-Ola.